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Hair Growth Serum


This premium hair growth serum is enriched with natural botanicals to promote healthy, voluminous hair growth. Formulated with antioxidants and essential oils, this serum helps to strengthen hair follicles, reducing split ends and breakage, while providing the scalp with vital nutrients to encourage beautiful, glossy locks.



This Hair Growth Serum is specifically designed to promote hair growth in men. It helps reduce hair loss, helping you maintain a full head of thicker, healthier hair. With high-quality natural ingredients, this serum will help you achieve the results you desire.




Introducing Hair Growth Serum: the perfect shampoo-and-conditioner-in-one to get your hair back on its feet in no time! Use it daily--with just one applicator per day--to get the results you're after. Make a growth spurt happen today! 

Use Hair Growth Serum on dry or towel-dried hair. Start by applying a filled dropper directly to the hairline and scalp. Massage well to evenly disperse the serum. Use once per day. Apply daily for best results. Can be applied morning and night. Do not rinse. Stylize normally.

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