The Kempt Man

Eczema Eraser Body Wash 300Ml


Men looking for relief from eczema will find the Eczema Eraser Body Wash both soothing and effective. Formulated with natural ingredients and providing 300ML of cleansing power, this luxurious body wash will offer lasting relief, leaving skin feeling calm and supple. An exclusive choice for a discerning customer, this body wash is sure to impress.



The Eczema Eraser Body Wash is specially formulated to reduce itching, redness and scaling while moisturizing skin. It is enriched with chamomile, aloe vera and 10% naturally derived colloidal oatmeal to soothe and nourish skin affected by eczema. This gentle wash is effective in promoting skin health - restoring condition and comfort while protecting skin from dryness.




Discover Eczema Eraser Body Wash, a premium body wash designed to soothe skin suffering from eczema. Its gentle lather is enriched with natural ingredients that refresh skin, while gently exfoliating away dryness. Use it twice a day for best results. Enjoy clean, soft and hydrated skin with this luxurious body wash. 

Gently massage Eczema Eraser Body Wash onto wet skin to treat and cleanse. Rinse with luke-warm water and pat skin dry.

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